Power Forward:電力システム設計にとってムーアの法則とは?


Power Forward:電力システム設計にとってムーアの法則とは?

In the November 2015 EDN Power Forward blog post, CUI’s Senior VP, Mark Adams, takes a look at the implications that Moore’s Law will have on the landscape of power system design. 

The article begins, “In the year that marks the 50-year anniversary of Moore’s Law comes the eager announcement from IBM of its breakthrough 7 nm test chip, beating founding father Intel to the latest holy grail of ever increasing density at an atomic level.”

Mark Adams then discusses closing in on the power limit, new approaches to energy efficiency and pushing the power envelope.

He concludes, “So IBM’s announcement of its 7nm test chip has shown that Moore’s Law is not done yet.The challenge now for power designers in meeting the complexities of greater functionality in a smaller space that these chips bring, is in coming up with novel ways to offset the requirements of their low core voltage, coupled with the high currents needed to drive them, and voltage tolerances that are tighter than ever before.As ever, the power industry will innovate.”

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