Power Forward:How 5G is Changing Data Centers


Power Forward:How 5G is Changing Data Centers

In the May 2017 EDN Power Forward blog post, Mark Adams, CUI’s Senior VP, highlights the impending availability of 5G network technology, the resulting strain that 5G data will put on data center power infrastructure, and the Software Defined Power® solution being developed to solve those 5G challenges.

The blog post begins, “While there is perhaps a general perception to the contrary, 5G systems are no longer just the subject of research within major telecoms companies or the topic of conference presentations at industry forums.The reality is that major OEMs will be deploying 5G systems within the next few years, which means that developments are already advancing rapidly.For example, Ericsson, working with NTT DOCOMO, aims to launch 5G services in Japan in time to support the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In preparation, it will demonstrate the capability of 5G at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, in partnership with ST Telecom.”

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