Power Forward:進化する規制と新たな業界標準が電源設計の変更を促進し続ける


Power Forward:進化する規制と新たな業界標準が電源設計の変更を促進し続ける

In the May 2015 EDN Power Forward blog post, Mark Adams, Senior Vice President at CUI, discusses the impact that the coming DOE Level VI regulations have on power supply design and how CUI is leading the way on Level VI to keep its customers ahead of the new regulations.

The article begins, "Regulations and standards govern many aspects of electronic equipment design but perhaps none more so than those that apply to power supplies.From consumer products, through commercial equipment and machinery to industrial applications, all markets are impacted by regulatory requirements.These range from harmonized voltages and standardized connectors to energy efficiency and other environmental considerations, such as the safe disposal of hazardous waste, whether during manufacture or the end-of-life recycling of a product."

Mark Adams continues by talking about how efficiency has always been useful in measuring a power supply's performance, but only until recently has it been seen in terms of its environmental impact.He notes that prior to 2004 efficiency standards were voluntary.

The new Level VI standards set to take place in February 2016 will not only define tighter limits on average and no-load efficiency, but will also require many power supply manufacturers to redesign their current offerings to meet no-load targets.

The article concludes, "CUI is leading the way on Level VI, developing a comprehensive line of external power adapters for both wall plug-in and desktop applications that will eventually span 5 W to 250 W.  Many versions are already available.And, through its recent acquisition of Tectrol, CUI now also offers a line of front-end ac-dc power supplies up to 12,000 W that meet Gold and Platinum efficiency standards."

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