Adding Intelligence to Rotary Encoders(回転エンコーダーのインテリジェンスの向上)


Adding Intelligence to Rotary Encoders(回転エンコーダーのインテリジェンスの向上)

このEE Timesの記事では、編集者であるRich Quinnell氏が、回転エンコーダーと、CUIのAMTエンコーダーがどのようにしてモーション・コントロール市場にインテリジェンスをもたらすかについて述べています。

The article begins, "It's the dumb device that makes precision movement possible.Rotary encoders play a crucial role in motor control systems, providing information on the position and movement of motor shafts.This information, in turn, can be used by developers to control motor action for such purposes as precision movement and energy efficiency."

He then highlights CUI's AMT line of capacitive rotary encoders with built-in intelligence, along with the introduction of its AMT Viewpoint GUI software which has helped to unlock the AMT encoder's intelligence even further.

He concludes,"For now, this degree of intelligence in rotary encoders appears to be unique to CUI, but the concept may well grow on motor control developers."

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