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Software Defined Power® Solutions Deploy to Data Centers

CUI successfully deployed initial test units of its Intelligent Control of Energy (“ICE”) Block technology, bringing the benefits of elastic power to data centers and setting a new standard for efficient power infrastructure.Deployment of the units highlights ICE Block’s peak shaving capabilities and includes a new ICE Switch product that further unlocks power capacity for the customer.


New Products

6~20 W Open Frame Ac-Dc Power Supplies

CUI's low power open frame ac-dc power supplies are ideal for space-constrained applications, delivering high efficiency and improved no-load performance.

  • 6~20 W continuous power
  • Compact package as small as 48 x 23 x 16 mm
  • No-load power consumption < 100 mW
  • 85~264 Vac input voltage range
  • 4,000 Vac isolation

High Performance Peltier Modules with arcTEC™ Structure

CUI’s line of high performance thermoelectric modules delivers superior cooling performance and a longer cycle life with its innovative arcTEC structure.

  • 15~40 mm options
  • Profiles as low as 3.1 mm
  • Current ratings from 2.0~8.5 A
  • ΔTmax of 77°C (Th=50°C)
  • 精密な温度制御

5 W and 10 W Wall Plug Adapters

CUI’s SWI series of wall plug ac-dc power supplies has been expanded to include 5 W and 10 W models with dc barrel and micro USB output plug options.

  • DoE Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 compliant
  • No load power consumption ≤ 0.075 W
  • North America and EU blade options
  • 超小型ケース
  • EN55032 EMC compliant

Thermal Management with Fans – There’s More to Consider Than You Might Think


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Additional Resources

Design World編集者によるCUIAMT31エンコーダーシリーズのレビュー

In the video, Design World discusses the advantages of capacitive versus optical technology, gives an overview of the AMT31’s specs/features, details the time-saving benefits of CUI’s One Touch Zero™ module, and demonstrates the easy installation and alignment of the AMT31 encoder.



設計サイクルが短縮し、アプリケーションの省スペース化とより多くの電力が求められるようになるにつれ、電力供給方法の見直しが迫られています。In this paper, we delve further into the trade-offs and benefits of pre-designed power modules versus discrete power solutions.


Digi-Key Highlights CUI’s High Performance Dc Axial Fans

In the latest Digi-Key Daily video, CUI's CFM series of dc axial fans is highlighted.The cooling fans feature reliable dual ball bearing construction, frame sizes from 40 to 120 mm and superior airflow up to 200 CFM.


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