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With the rapid rise of the Internet of Things, trillions of sensors will enter the market and zettabytes of data will flow through our server infrastructure.This creates new power challenges across all industries and applications.Learn how CUI is supporting The Power of Things, so you can design for the Internet of Things.

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CUI Announces Partnership with Virtual Power Systems

米シーユーアイ(本社:米オレゴン州チュアラティン、プレジデント:マット・マッケンジー、以下:CUI)及び親会社の米 CUI Global, Inc.(NASDAQ:CUI), announced a limited exclusivity agreement today for hardware development with Virtual Power Systems (VPS), a cutting edge Software Defined Power® company.両社はパートナーを組み、データ・センター向けの高効率電力インフラストラクチャ用の新しい標準を策定します。


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Is Your Power Supply Level VI Compliant?

On 2014年2月10日, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published a revision to its EISA 2007 external power supply (EPS) efficiency standard increasing the minimum efficiency requirements as well as expanding the range of products applicable under the new standard.2016年2月10日に施行されるこの法律は、米国市場向けのACアダプタを使用した製品を設計するOEMに影響を与えることになるでしょう。To keep you one step ahead, CUI is developing a robust portfolio of Level VI compliant external ac-dc adapters utilizing the latest in green power technology.

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New Products


The SWI6, SWI12, SWI18 and SWI24 are wall plug-in ac-dc power supplies with either North American or European input blades designed to meet the new Level VI efficiency standards.All models boast no-load power consumption less than 0.1 W and feature a range of safety approvals in CUI's effort to provide customers with the latest in green power technology.

  • レベルVI対応の効率
  • NA or EU input blades
  • No load power consumption < 0.075 W
  • ユニバーサル入力電圧範囲
  • 過電圧、過電流、および短絡に対する保護機能を搭載
  • UL/cUL, PSE, and CE safety approvals

SWI6-N Series / SWI6-E Series / SWI12-N Series / SWI12-E Series / SWI18-N Series / SWI18-E Series / SWI24-N Series / SWI24-E Series


The PSD-1100 is an 1100 W hot-swappable front-end dc-dc power supply packaged in a slim line 1U case.Featuring Platinum efficiency, PMBus communication and N+1 redundancy, this 12 V dc power supply is ideal for mission critical telecom, server and networking applications requiring a dc input.

  • Up to 1100 W continuous power
  • 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency
  • High power density - 25.34 W/in3
  • 細長い1Uフォーム・ファクター
  • PMBus communication for monitoring and control
  • 前面から背面(-F)および背面から前面(-B)のエアフロー・バージョン
  • 冗長(N+1)操作
  • ホットスワップ機能用のブラインドメイト接続
  • ドループ電流共有
  • リモートオン/オフ制御
  • パワーグッド信号
  • Options:
    • 3.3 V or 5 V standby voltage
    • 強制電流共有



In this article published by EDN, Mark Adams, CUI's Senior VP, discusses the continued pressure that our data-centric lifestyles have put on our power infrastructure.The article further outlines the demand for power, the move to software-defined power and how the rapidly adopted technology is put into practice.

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In this article published by Electronic Design, Aaron Yarnell, CUI's Field Applications Engineering Manager, highlights ten points to look for in a POL module in order to keep up with the rapid change in voltage, current, power and switching speed requirements.

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レベルVI ACアダプタ

CUI's current line of Level VI compliant external ac-dc adapters are available in desktop and wall plug versions while offering no load power consumption as low as < 0.075 W, a universal input voltage range and UL/cUL, GS and PSE safety approvals, keeping users one step ahead of the more stringent US regulations on external adapters.

Question:What is the universal input voltage range for CUI's line of Level VI adapters?

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