Multi-sourcing in a Digital Power World(デジタル電源の世界における複数ソース)


Multi-sourcing in a Digital Power World(デジタル電源の世界における複数ソース)

このElectronic Productsの記事では、CUIのシニア・バイス・プレジデントであるMark Adamsが、デジタル電源の進化と、新たに設立されたAMPグループ・コンソーシアムの計画がどのようにデジタル電源のエコシステムの今後を定義するかについて述べています。

The article begins, "Digital power is an evolution that has been on the horizon for over 10 years and until now has been primarily driven by the telecommunications and server markets; however this is changing…quickly.Digital power is now moving outside of this sector, which in reality was limited to the top echelon of companies that had the resources to implement these solutions.This future growth was highlighted earlier in 2014 when IHS Technology released a report that digital power will grow 3.5-5X over the next 4 years depending on the technology - but most importantly the primary growth will come from outside the typical application group."

"With this rapid advancement in mind, CUI, Ericsson Power Modules, and Murata Power Solutions, three leading power supply companies, have teamed up to create a new visionary consortium.Architects of Modern Power (AMP Group) will define the future of intelligent, distributed, digital power ecosystems."

In conclusion, "CUI, Ericsson Power Modules, and Murata are committed to bringing a solution to the market that will be unlike anything else before in order to meet the market’s quickly changing needs."

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